Discovering Oakland’s Gateway to the Redwoods


Dimond Park and the nature beyond

EURUSD A celebratory profile of a relatively unknown urban gem, this film will feature Oakland, CA’s largest wildland trail system that connects the heart of Oakland to redwood forests and over five hundred miles of East Bay trails and open space. Trail users, historians, creek restoration experts, local merchants, and park volunteers will be among those interviewed during a typical park day that begins at sunrise from the trailhead in Dimond Park, and concludes at sunset from a scenic, Joaquin Miller Park ridge overlooking downtown Oakland and San Francisco Bay.

Photos from the City of Oakland, CA

Summary of Proposed Production:

Intended for Oakland residents and visitors alike, this documentary will explore the unique urban to rural trail system that connects multiple Oakland neighborhoods and business districts to the Bay Area Ridge Trail and beyond. The film will highlight:

  • the history of Dimond Park, Dimond Canyon Park, and Joaquin Miller Park
  • the multiple uses of the trail system – hiking, mountain biking, dog walking, bird watching, picnicking, youth education, etc.
  • recent improvements to the trail system by volunteers working in collaboration with the City of Oakland
  • the accessibility of the trail system to many Oakland neighborhoods and business districts

Interview Subjects will Include:

  • Dennis Evanosky – Oakland historian, author, and publisher
  • Michelle Krieg – Restoration and Nursery Manager, Friends of Sausal Creek
  • Stan Dodson – Manager, La Farine Bakery in Dimond, trail volunteer and advocate
  • Jordan Brown – Group Leader, Brothers on the Rise
  • Emily Rosenberg – Chair, Friends of Joaquin Miller Park
  • Mike Udkow – President, Bicycle Trails Council of the East Bay
  • Jim Townsend – Bay Area Ridge Trail Advisory Council
  • Deidre Joyner – Realtor, Red Oak Realty


Distribution Plans:

Chart Euro to US Dollar This documentary short will be distributed primarily online, with the potential for film festival exposure regionally and nationally. Local distribution outlets will include:

Our Fundraising Goal

redwood glenThe minimum budget to produce this film is $15,500. Because we want it to reach as many Oaklanders and potential visitors as possible – and every Oakland student – our fundraising effort will continue to promote and distribute the finished film by July. Your on-going support will help us reach a wider audience.

Would you like to invite Stan to connect with your group? Please contact him, here.

chart EURUSD Friends of Oakland Parks and Recreation is the 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsor for this project. Donations are tax deductible. Tax ID# 94-2751052