Reflecting on Your Relationship

People often don’t realize they are in a toxic relationship until it is almost over or while reflecting on the past. It is easy to rationalize your decision to remain in a bad relationship, not only to protect the image of your partner but to protect your self-image. However, as with any problem, the first step out is admitting there is one. Here’s how to know when your marriage is going sour and what to do about it.

You are Happier on Your Own

If you feel happier when your partner is not around, something is wrong. However, this may not be for the reason you think. This happiness, when away, may result from a toxic relationship, but often times it may result from taking that person for granted. Be sure to honestly evaluate which category you fall into before deciding to leave the relationship for good.

Others Dislike Your Spouse

Family and friends can sense when something is amiss, and the good ones will speak up. Naturally, family and friends are not always right. There are many couples who face dislike due to racism, homophobia, and other forms of prejudice. However, if you do not suspect these biases in your family and friends, it may be time to take an honest look at your partner.

Trust Is Long Gone

Lack of trust in a marriage is a serious problem, but the other partner is not always to blame. Take a moment to consider whether or not your partner is truly untrustworthy, or if these fears stem from personal paranoia and insecurities. If the reason is the latter, consider speaking to a therapist before taking the big step of looking for divorce lawyers.

When One Person Controls the Other

Some couples prefer a setup where one party is dominant or submissive, whether for religious or personal reasons. However, if this relationship dynamic is no longer mutually agreed upon or has escalated into abuse, this is a clear problem. At this stage, you may wish to consult the services of a marriage counsellor or otherwise decide if it is time to walk away.